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what should i do about it

  1. CavyIris

    Bullying?, Should I Separate For Good?

    Hi, I have 2 sows that i have had for a little over 2 weeks now. They are 8-9 weeks old. But I'm really worried that they arent getting along at all. They are named Milou and Tintin. Milou an abyssian and tintin I'm not sure he is short haired, american? is that a breed? However Milou is chasing...
  2. CavyIris

    Fighting Guinea Pigs, I'm Scared. Please Help!

    Hi I'm new to guinea pigs and I'm really worried they arent getting along at all. They are Female and 7-8 weeks old. I brought them home 2 weeks exactly from now. They are biting each other how ever there hasnt been any blood drawn so ive never interupted them (good or bad?) They chase each other...
  3. Rhea

    Rip Marigold ❤️❤️

    Hello everyone, I just lost my guinea pig Marigold today, I came into feed her and callie but she was just lying in the corner. Callie was beside her and my heart broke. I was wondering what should I do about callie? I have buried marigold and I miss her little greedy face when I look into their...