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what should i do

  1. F

    One of my guinea pigs is extremely mad at partner

    I have two female guinea pigs and Waffle, one of them has been very mad at my other pig, lava for around a month. There are no bites or anything but waffle rumble struts at lava even when they aren't close together. Waffle rumble struts ever 5 to 10 minutes sometimes for no apparent reason...
  2. D

    What should I do?

    So my guiena pig passed away recently last Friday and i need some advice should I get another guiena pig or no because it’s hard seeing his cage empty and I feel as it would help me cope easier but I don’t want this guiena pig to die to and feel the pain again but I feel lonely without my baby...
  3. O

    Emergency URGENT: I need advice on very sick guinia pig

    I have had my guinea pig Ophelia for about 3 years now, and in this time she has had a long history of illnesses. Around Christmas time of last year my other pig Hamlet passed :(( after this happened it seems that Ophelia has gotten worse. Very soon after his death, her eye began to get...
  4. Emily Beth

    Dominance Fighting?

    The other day I noticed my boys were being rather aggressive towards each other. The less dominant one since I have had them was jumping on the dominants one back and seemed to be doing something that looked like humping. After this it got worst and the dominant one was throwing the other off...