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  1. elena

    Guinea Pigs are being EXTREMELY LOUD lately! (why?)

    Hi everyone! I have been surprised about my guinea pigs behavior this last couple of weeks if not months. For context I have four male guinea pigs; An adult and a 4 months old live together, the other two adults live separated while I try bonding between them.. So basically a big cage (2x4)...
  2. C

    Losing weight

    My 4 year old Guinea pig is losing weight. She has always been a little over weight since I got her but the past few months she has been getting thinner. Today I noticed her trying to wheek but it was mostly silent. Her lungs and breathing sound okay and I don’t see any discharge from her nose...
  3. Jasicorn

    Dream Piggie

    If you could have absolutely ANY Guinea Pig what would it be? :)
  4. S

    What could be wrong with my Guinea Pig / What are signs of sawdust allergy?

    Hello, Ok so, um, where do I start? My guinea has been squeaking weirdly, like a wheek, but with a wheezy side. She keeps sneezing, but I haven’t noticed her nose running, or anything coming from her eyes, and I’ve checked her cage and there’s no diarrhoea from what I can see. It’s quite...
  5. AlKo96

    Guinea Pig Has Lost Her Wheek?

    I noticed yesterday that Truffles can't wheek very loudly like she used to (e.g. when she heard a bag rustling) but instead makes a raspy sound, like she's trying to wheek but nothing comes out. She's almost 5 and I've read that they can lose their wheek with age but I'm not sure if that's true...
  6. PiggyOinkOink

    Has Benji Become Deaf?

    My Benji appears to not react to sound anymore. I don't know how long this has been going on but I just noticed it in the past month. If I put the hoover on or even the hand vacuum in the cage he never reacts even though it is right next to him! The other piggies just run away pretty much like...