1. Cooper & Chris Farley

    Kidney Stone/Whimpering & Crying

    Hey all. My Chris had an x-ray last week which showed a kidney stone. I’m heartbroken, as he is now crying/whimpering a lot. At least I think that is the sound of pain.. I attempted to post a video to see if anyone can identify the sound or is familiar with it but it won’t allow me to. Maybe I...
  2. S

    Little dry patch

    Hello! I posted on here the other day about my guinea boy who had a crusty ear. This is now clearing up well with daily sea salt cleaning. however I’ve just found this patch. Is it anything to be worried about. They’ve been treated for mites.
  3. B

    Intermittent whimpering during urination/defecation

    Dear all! I am turning to you now for advice about a ~3 year old sow with an extremely mysterious case of intermittent whimpering/crying during urination/defecation. The symptoms started last summer(ish), but they subsided within a couple of weeks, with the vet (cavy-savvy) not finding anything...
  4. A

    Young Guinea Pig not gaining weight

    Hello! This is my first post here as we recently adopted 3 female Guinea Pigs and I am trying to learn as much as I can about them. But right now, I think one of them needs more help. I don’t know exactly their age, but according to the rough estimate by the breeder, they are around 10 to 12...