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why me?

  1. Micela

    Guinea pigs Bad luck

    hello, i'll keep it short and simple, within about 9 months time ive gone through about 4 guinea pigs and all of them just seem to get sick and die. i had hani who had a urinary infection and i got rid of it.. then a few months later she died of unknown causes after going to the vet and the vet...
  2. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Snail Antics!

    I swear my snails are brainless! I got a little reptile coconut house for when they were small, they're still using it even if they can't fit! They are BOTH in there and can't get out. HOW DO THEY KEEP GETTING IN BUT CAN'T DIG OUT?! :)) :)) I had to rescue Dolohov because he was trying...