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  1. Adelyn

    How did you wick your fleece?

    I’m making some new fleece liners for the piggies! I have some 100% polyester fleece throws that I’m going to use. All the liners I currently use were pre-wicked. I don’t want to damage the new fleece. It’s from Amazon, and the care section said “Machine wash cold. No bleach.” Will washing it...
  2. C


    So in my last endeavour for fleece I had bought some cheapy fleece throws that would NOT wick. So I went and got some good quality fleece. I am adamant on switching to fleece as bedding is just so expensive and messy. I now have a fleece addiction, the designs are just too cute! A question...
  3. Cazzie Bliss

    Is My Fleece Wicked Yet ?

    Hello Piggie Lovers. I'm currently in the prep for switching over to fleece bedding as it really appeals to me. I've washed my fleece 3 times and I can't tell if it's been wicked or not. Last night tested a piece and it went right through. This morning tried again and it pools for a second...
  4. S

    Fleece Bedding

    Hello. I am going to be a New Guinea pig owner very soon. We have decided to use fleeces bedding and make some cage liners and pads. Have been reading about using fleece how to wick it. From what I gather I need to do the following make sure the fleece is anti-pill fleece and is 100%...