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  1. C

    fleece issues

    I recently decided to switch to fleece bedding for my pigs. Unfortunately it’s quite hard to find fleece where I am, but I found polar fleece throws at Kmart. I think they are similar to ones from Walmart and Joanns (if you are American, I’m from Australia) It’s 100% polyester. I have now washed...
  2. Swissgreys

    A Detailed Guide For Fleece Bedding

    Overview: 1. What is a fleece cage liner? 2. Getting started with fleece 3. Fleece washing tips 4. General Fleece Tips 5. Fleece FAQ’s 1. What is a fleece cage liner? What is a fleece cage liner and how does it work? A fleece cage liner consists of at least 2 layers, and most commonly 3...
  3. Lexipiggie

    Wicking Cage Liners

    Quick question! Can I wash the cage liner three times in a row or do I have to wait for it to dry each time? Thanks Lexi
  4. court29x


    I'm still so confused, my mom has washed the cage liners 2 times and they are now on their third wash, I'm so unsure of what I'm looking for when the fabric is wicked? can someone explain in full please :soz:
  5. Bella123

    Calling All Fleece Users

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering what sort of fleece everybody else uses and where you got it from, I thought of starting up this thread for newbies and others might find this useful for future referrence. Here's some I have currently got. Polar fleece fabric, Anti pill fleece fabric,22...
  6. S

    Fleece Bedding

    Hello. I am going to be a New Guinea pig owner very soon. We have decided to use fleeces bedding and make some cage liners and pads. Have been reading about using fleece how to wick it. From what I gather I need to do the following make sure the fleece is anti-pill fleece and is 100%...