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  1. Oreo&Coco

    Cripple Front Leg

    When I returned home this afternoon, I found one of my piggies' front right leg is crippled. She can barely walk and always hold up the front right leg. My cage is opened 24 hours a day so they can just come in and out in an open area. Instead of running around, now she just sit and lying...
  2. Hank288

    Dental Issue, Front Teeth

    I don't know how long this has been going on as I can't really handle her well and I didn't notice at first as she is still eating pellets, veg and hay normally but tonight I thought one of my pigs teeth looked funny at first glance. I grabbed her out and there is indeed a problem. The major...
  3. CarnivalPiggy


    Not sure if this is in the right section, sorry. I have a huge problem of little black flies on each side of the walls of my guinea pigs. I'm incredibly frustrated as I don't know what do to with them except swatting as I don't have fly paper right now or anything similiar and won't be able to...