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  1. Kirsty

    Safe Wood For Run?

    hi! I am going to build a run for my guinea pigs, and the wood i have brought is “sawn kiln dried untreated softwood” from wickes. Is this ok? Thanks
  2. madguinealady

    Boys Over Or Under

    Is it best to have boys above girls or below to reduce risks of two boys fighting?
  3. KirstyFN

    Help Please! Bald Patch On Neck

    So a couple of weeks ago i noticed a pink patch on the neck of my 23 week old boar, Milo. I thought nothing of it. It doesnt seem to be causing pain and he isnt scratching. It is a little pink patch about the size of a 1p coin. It has a tiny pin prick of a red dot and some small bits of dead...