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  1. Nifen

    Anesthesia Concerns in a Sick/Weak Guinea Pig

    Hello! My piggie momo was sick for about a month with an infection. He had to be force-fed for that month. The vet thinks the infection has now cleared. However, he's still not eating fully on his own and is having issues swallowing/coughing up food. He wants to eat as he's often picking at...
  2. PipandOreo

    Senior guinea pig has lost her balance

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this because I’m quite worried and upset about my poor pig. Pip is over 6 years old and has suddenly lost her balance this afternoon. I first noticed this when I saw her fall on her side whilst watching her today. She has then been...
  3. S


    My guinea pig is 4 years old. I got him and his brother from PetSmart and his brother had always walked in circles and never made noise. Eventually he ended up passing under a year old. I still have his brother and for the last few years he has started to decline. He has slowly developed head...
  4. W

    Guinea Pig Loss Of Balance

    I wasn't over during the weekend. When I came back home I found out my piggy Nymeria had had a few issues last saturday. Before cleaning my pigs' cage my dad's girlfriend put the piggies on the floor. Bubbles was walking normally but Nymeria flopped to her side. She put her back on her legs and...
  5. Bunnyblasttt

    Wobbly/floppy Guinea Pigs -died-

    Sorry for a messy post I'm posting this from the mobile site. Basically I went out to feed my pigs yesterday evening and immediately saw that there was something seriously wrong with Joshie (Male,2 years old), wrong to the point of me automatically bursting into tears and saying he was dying. He...