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wood shavings

  1. emily21

    Wood shaving alternatives

    Hi everyone. So I got my 3 piggies (all boys a year old) full time in October. They belonged to my ex who bought them in March 2020. He bought them from a well known UK pet shop and was instructed wood shavings was the best bedding for them so that was what we have been using. However, I...
  2. O

    fleece bedding?

    i was just wondering which bedding you all use and what you think of fleece? i've got pine wood shavings and back2nature bedding at the moment, i've found that wood shavings get pretty messy while back2nature is great however it is expensive. i have a pair of baby piggies and a 2x5 c&c cage and...
  3. Lil3piggies

    Alternative Substrate To Wood Shavings?

    hi guys! I am currently using wood shavings as a substrate on top of puppy pads for easier clean up but I’d like something softer for my piggies little feet and wood shavings just aren’t good enough haha! Any suggestions for affordable alternatives? Thanks! (UK)
  4. Jennybug89

    Cage Or Grid Base

    For those of you who don't use fleece to line the bottom of your cage or grid set up, what do you like to use? I have softwood shavings at the moment which work perfectly fine. The only thing os she like to pull her veg out of its bowls to eat so some shavings get stuck to them and she eats them...
  5. Siikibam

    Mezzanine In Ferplast

    I'm seriously considering adding a mezzanine to the ferplast for the boys. I took the hide out that it came with, so any ideas would be good. Preferably not involving wood though. I'm off to ikea for some fleece as I'd like to move away from wood shavings. They are kind of dusty when you get...
  6. Siikibam

    Snowflake Wood Shavings

    So, in preparation for getting me (us) some pigs, I bought snowflake wood shavings. But then I came across some threads saying wood shavings aren't a good idea and others saying they're fine. I'm left in a quandary now as to which is true.... This is the type I bought. Someone help me please...
  7. H

    Hutch Care

    Hi piggie parents... our piggies came to live with us yesterday (2 young boars)... they have a hutch with access down a ramp to a run. I'm currently using newspaper to line the hutch.. then a layer of dust extracted wood shavings in the main area, and filling their bedroom area with Timothy hay...
  8. court29x

    Am I Doing Something Wrong?

    Recently I've seen the majority of people on here have cages, indoor in particular, with fleeces and some hay areas instead of outdoor hutches with wood shavings and hay, at the moment my piggies are in an outdoor with wood shavings and hay but when the weather starts getting colder again we are...
  9. Beans&Toast

    Fleece? Vetbed? Woodchips?

    Okay so I see a lot of people saying they use fleece in their piggy cage, or vetbed.. and I have a few questions about both.. Firstly, what is vetbed? I've only ever seen pictures and it just looks like a fleecy material but I see people raving about how good it is. Secondly, I use woodchips...
  10. Piggiekisses

    Help A Newbie?

    Hello all, I did some research on bedding but there seems to be a lot of mixed information that's making me confused. Firstly, is newspaper safe to use as bedding? If not, what safe options are there to use as bedding besides fleece? (Safe woods, paper, etc.)I am not allowed to use...
  11. Jade_bear

    Wood Shavings Or Fleece?

    Hello, All my Guinea pigs life I've used wood shavings and I've seem to have gotten on absolutely fine. However a few weeks ago I had a spare few minutes and did some research on bedding etc and I found out that it's common to use fleece bedding. As the wood shavings is bad for the little...