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wood varnish

  1. R

    Is wood varnish safe for piggies?

    I've heard seen this story quite a few times on various websites, but i've not yet seen a certain answer. I recently built a hutch with my dad, and he insisted on painting the wood with a varnish. I told him it was best to avoid it and i didn't want him to but he did regardless. He painted it...
  2. KathT

    Guinea Pig Friendly Wood Preserver

    I need to apply a wood preserver/paint to my wooden outdoor run in preparation of finer weather for my boys to go out. Has anyone used an animal friendly preserver/paint that they could recommend please?
  3. R

    Wood Varnish Safe For Guinea Pigs?

    Hello, I recently bought this flat cut of wood and wanted to use it as the occasional veggie dish for my pigs. My issue is that i would like to coat it with a protective varnish to make the wood "water resistant" & easier to clean. Is it not recommended to do so even if I find an animal safe...