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  1. Missy&Margot

    Waterproofing wooden house.

    I adopted my girls - Missy and Margot a month ago. They were living in a cramped ferplast and I’ve since upgraded them to a 2x4. I bought them a large wooden house it was made bespoke. I didn’t realise that the wood was untreated until I noticed that true top of the house when I’ve created a hay...
  2. W

    DIY cage advice UK

    Hi I am thinking about getting a couple of guinea pigs from a rescue. I am thinking about making a cage from wood as i am limited for height on 2 sides. Is wood ok to make it from? Any specific wood would be great? I am in the UK, I plan on making the cage at least 3.5ftx3.5ft but may...
  3. MsBaru

    DIY cage - done!

    I want to thank everyone who helped me and gave me advice on how to build a suitable DIY guinea pig cage! Our family of three went from 120cm x 80cm to this huge guinea pig paradise. There are three floors which are all connected via fluffy ramps. Each floor is 190cm x 65cm! It was made to fit...
  4. wheek!guinea

    Is this piggy castle safe?

    I'm thinking about getting this for my boys, but wasn't sure if the wood was safe, since it will be inevitably chewed lol :P. If not does anyone have anything similar? Guinea Pig/Small Animal Shelter House Castle Hideout
  5. RebelsHope

    Making Toys With Local Sourced Wood

    I have two guinea pigs, two gerbils, and one chinchilla. We all live in Illinois, so, not the UK.I can go though a lot of toys! I was totally psyched to find out that they could eat cottonwood and grapevines. So I have been making a lot of toys as I try to rid my garden of wild grape. I also...
  6. Stayc1989

    Piggy Safe Wood Paint

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that I can buy some wood paint/stain safe for Guinea pigs. My boyfriend made them a little wooden house for the garden and I would like to paint it but they love gnawing on it too so would need paint safe for piggies and weather proof x
  7. FayeM

    Hay Rack?

    Hi I am struggling with finding a suitable hay rack for my boys, the one that came with the cage they seem to go behind and get stuck, the one from pets at home they climb on top of and it tips over.. I have a spare ikea spice rack which would be perfect to sit in the cage but I'm unsure if it...