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  1. ChloeP

    DIY wooden cage :)

    I was hoping for opinions and advice for a DIY cage I'm in the process of designing! I was originally inspired by the Squeak Dreams (off you tubes) DIY cage and made this design (unsure on including the platform or not at the moment) for my two piggies based on that using contiboard and...
  2. P

    New Cage!😍

    Guys, I am in love with the new guinea pig cage😍 Theyve got SO much more room to run about compared to the little pet shop cage we first got. I'm so happy with it & the guinea pigs have been popcorning like mad! Expensive, but worth every penny!❤❤❤
  3. Danielle Smith

    Let's Talk About Diy Wooden Cages

    Since we've moved house, we now have a dedicated guinea-pig room -- which is super exciting but also a little sad, I miss having them an arm's length away. I've been looking into DIY wooden cage options (just so things can look a little more polished) and there seems to be three main options...
  4. VeganIzzy

    Diy Cage? Please Help!

    Hi everyone! I want to build a DIY cage for my piggies ASAP, however I only have a £50 budget as I am fifteen and I don't have a job or anything. I was thinking about making a wooden cage, then using some table legs to hold it up (I have back problems so can't bend over the cage all the time)...
  5. ClaireP

    Homemade Cage Help/advice Please

    hi all I have my piggies in an outdoor hutch currently but hubbie has agreed they can move inside for the winter. Hurrah! I am going to make a wooden frame and then line it with wire mesh. My question is galvanised or pvc coated? I assume 13mm gap rather than 25mm is best? I do not want to...