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  1. R

    Worming advice

    Hi, my guinea pig Gretchen has worms. We had been to the vet 5 times over the past 6 months trying to get a diagnosis from her losing weight, having diarrhoea but also being ravenously hungry and otherwise behaving normally, glossy coat, bright eyes, running around being completely herself, to...
  2. F

    Unexplained Illness

    Can anyone help? Female pig age 3.5years. Has been loosing a little bit of weight, very gradually, over time. She is now underweight. 2/3 weeks ago, she got diarrhea, which she recovered from the next day. But I took her to the vet, who agreed she was underweight. He thought it was her teeth, as...
  3. PlausiblePiggie

    Grass And Worms

    Hi, i have a question :). Do guinea pigs who are being fed grass daily need to be dewormed? I'm not that familiar with worming or anything but I'm assuming that deworming is to help prevent worms? Or is it to help cure it? Anyway, as the weather is getting warmer I have been giving my guinea...
  4. bumbling-bambi

    Worming And Flea Treating Indoor Piggies?

    So i have two young boars and this is the first time i have kept piggies indoors so i am wondering should i be worming and flea treating my boys? Am i a terrible piggie mum for not doing so? The only creatures other than them living with me is a snake and my boyfriend so I'm not sure? I groom...
  5. Merrypigs Sanctuary

    Very Stubborn Bloat

    Needing some advice! Tina was very overweight when she was surrendered and as she has been on a diet and has begun to lose some, it's become apparent she has bloat. We've tried massage, jiggling, Buscopan, gripe water, Simeticone, liquid paraffin in case of blockage... nothing is working. She's...