worried owner

  1. N

    My piggy ate some chocolate!

    So I don't know if I'm overreacting but my piggy has aten a small amount of chocolate he is only 6 months old. It was barely even a smidge. It was chocolate pie. I don't really see a difference right now it had happened 30 minutes ago. He was eating his hay and running around. Should I be worried?
  2. Hiimkrystle

    Piggy not pooping but eating/drinking

    My guinea pig is acting completely normal, munching away on hay as I type this, drinking water, took her vitamin c and digestive support pills this morning but she has not passed any poops for over twelve hours, since I cleaned her cage last night there is nothing new. What can I do? Is there...
  3. Hiimkrystle

    Balding on hip

    I recently adopted a 4 year old guinea pig. They warned me beforehand that she is very very shy. So far, she's doing very well, she eats hay all day, drinks water, eats her vegetables and will take treats from our hands. Her poop is healthy and she's a solid weight (possibly a little chunky lol)...
  4. Babycables

    New Piggy Blues

    Hi, I recently - five days ago - purchased two 7-week-old Male Guinea Pigs. I am absolutely in love with them, and we seem to be bonding well for such a short period of time. Naturally, before I bought them, I did weeks of research on Guinea Pig care, and I thought I was capable of meeting the...
  5. GuineaPlanets

    Should I permanently separate my Boars?

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and as well as being a farely new Guinea Pig mom. I'm still trying to understand the behaviors but as I understood, it's recommended to separate Guinea Pigs if they draw blood. Well, I'm really hoping it doesn't have to come to that, but if it's for the better of my...