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  1. B

    Please help me evaluate X-rays and diagnosis. Enlarged heart, bladder stone and possible (ovarian cysts or kidney stones)

    Hello everyone! I went to the vet last week to have my 4 year old girl looked at. She found a couple small crystals on her vulva and an abdominal mass after palpation. She recommended an x-ray and diagnosed her with the following after reviewing it: a bladder stone sitting in her urethra, an...
  2. Cooper & Chris Farley

    Another Bladder Stone 😔

    Just when my new piggie was getting settled in and all was seemingly well… I found little blood stains in Chris’s bedding today. I’m kicking myself and feeling so much guilt because I haven’t given him his potassium citrate for a long while now.. As soon as I saw the blood stains this afternoon...
  3. O

    Old Man Nibbler Sick

    Hi everyone! My wife and I have an elder 6.5 year old boar named Nibbler who is battling a few illnesses right now that have us really concerned. We are located in the US and can kindly use some assistance, feedback, and personal experiences. My apologies in advance for the incredibly long...
  4. M

    Please help my piggy! X-rays for soft poops?

    Hi all, I was wondering if you guys have experienced this before. I am taking my girl Ginny to the vet on Thursday. A few months ago she was on antibiotics for a respiratory infection and her gut didn’t seem to recover. She used to have diarrhea, and now it’s just (stinky) soft poops. They’re...
  5. F

    Guinea Pig X-ray

    Hello i have a male guinea pig who is around 2 years old.. he cry's every time he has a wee and he has tried different Medicine didn't work.... they have said the next step is to have an x-ray... i can have him knocked out by an injection OR gass in a box. I'm terrified of if he doesn't wake up...
  6. A

    Uti/possible Stones - Worried About Xray

    A few weeks ago our 5 1/2 year old guinea pig Dustin was squeaking and arching his back when he had a wee and soon after started having pinkish urine and doing more frequent smaller wees. The vet treated for a UTI but couldn’t rule out bladder stones - we had a weeks course of Septrin (2 x 0.5ml...
  7. P

    Lump Under The Chin

    Hi! Our piggy has a lump the size of a grap. It's located under the jaw, if you imagine sticking your finger through a mans adams apple, that's where the lump is. The vet took xrays of his jaw, because it's very large and not normal, but it was not causing him any pain. The vet did not mention...
  8. Beans&Toast

    Help Please :(

    I had the pigs at the vet tonight because Toast has put on quite a lot of weight over the space of 2 weeks, despite absolutely no changes of their diet, I've not fed them more or anything new so there's no obvious reason to put on weight. I always watch them eat and finish their veg and there's...