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x ray

  1. O

    Orange Pee , Uti?

    Hi, My guinea pig had an orange pee today. And make some sounds while stand still (I'll guess is pain wen he is peeing). I can't get a vet today or tomorrow because is Christmas. And they are all closed. Best chance will be Tuesday the 26 in the morning! What can i do to help him, and make...
  2. Piggiemum7

    Update On Ben, Possible Bladder Problems (sorry Long Post)

    Some of you have been helping me with my thread last week about Ben's breathing here. Kind of keeping this as a sort of log for the past week... He's been having baytril, metacam, vit c supplements, probiotic and critical care recovery food. He was 1.2kg before and hit a low of 1.09 when the...