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    I’ve kept guinea pigs for three years now. I started off with two long hairs (Pebbles and Pretzel) and a year later added another (Pip). I’ve had Pip for two years now and when I’d not had her for very long I thought she had some kind of mite. The older piggies are blonde and grey/brown but Pip...
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    Xeno 450 dosage

    Hi Please can I have my dosage checked for my guinea pigs? I have xeno 450. Nancy is 995g. Pumpkin is 1120g.
  3. A

    Can’t get rid of static mites

    Hi, I’m new to the forum and wanted to create a post to seek help regarding my piggie, Ralph. He has had these tiny dots in his fur for almost a year now. I believe they are static mites, as they do not appear to move and are not causing hair loss/skin problems. However, Ralph is constantly...
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    Xeno Vs Rearguard

    Hi Guys :) Just looking for some advice really from anyone that has experience with these two products! So I have a male long haired Silkie Pig, I groom him on a regards basis yet he still gets urine smelly and the occasional cling onof bedding around his back end if I don't do it practically...