young guinea pig

  1. Ssalter05

    Biting bars

    Hi, i have noticed my guinea pig has recently started chewing the bars alot. She is 8 weeks old and lives with her sister in a 6x2 c&c cage and has plenty of different chew toys and wooden items that can be chewed on. So i dont know why she is doing this. If anyone could help as to why this...
  2. S

    How to introduce two male guinea pigs?

    I want to get a 2nd Guinea pig to keep my current one company. How to I introduce two young male Guinea pigs to each other? By the time I get my 2nd one mine will be about 7-8 months old and I have no clue how old the one I plan to get is but I think he is older but not yet full grown.
  3. honeybee<3

    How can I calm young guinea pigs while being held

    My guinea pig pumpkin is particularly bad for this. She is still young and fairly new but I've had her long enough that I need to clip her nails and take her from her cage from time to time for cleaning etc. However, she kicks and squirms so bad that I'm always scared she will jump and hurt...
  4. C

    Lump On My Guinea Pig- Help

    I noticed a small lump on my guinea pig this week, thankfully I work at a vets and was able to take her in for a check up which the vet then noticed a grape size lump which is more internal than the small one. I’m pretty sure the small one was 9mm and the bigger one was 22mm so around 2 cm. the...
  5. Nbw_835

    First Guinea Pig/having Some Questions

    I got a very young guinea pig yesterday and I dont know the gender so I have referred to her as a she. The person at the pet store said she was almost 4 months old. She cant seem to eat out of her bowl and when I got up this morning she was twitching around her tank. She has a bald spot above...
  6. Piggy996

    My Piggy's Journey

    Hello, these are the pics of my Piggy from the day 1 (when we got him) to these days after he got much more comfortable and friendly :)
  7. W

    Young Sow Cysts

    A couple weeks ago I noticed Bubbles had two lumps on each side of her belly, near her legs. I felt Nymeria and kind of felt something too so I assumed it was just normal and it was her organs. Just a few days ago I found out you can feel ovarian cysts in guinea pigs. Could it be cysts? I don't...
  8. BenjiAndButtons

    Bitey Barney

    Hi there! To anyone that can offer some help or guidance. We are not first time owners, but have never had this problem before: Our newest piggy, Barney, is around 20 weeks, and over the past few weeks he has become very bitey, not just to our older piggy but towards us too. Whatever it is...
  9. ginnyweasley

    Feeding Baby Guniea Pigs?

    I don't own guinea pigs yet but I plan on getting two young ones. I read that it's best to give young pigs alfalfa instead of the usual timothy hay, I plan on giving them alfalfa pellets should I still give them alfalfa hay as well or is that overkill? Also if I should give them alfalfa hay does...
  10. JustAsAmy

    I Don't Know What's Wrong With My Baby Girl Anymore..

    Hi.. My name is Amy. I'm new to this forum, but I thought it was a good idea to join because right now I'm in a really tough situation. So, basically. I adopted my baby girl Willow and her sister Astrid on the 16th of July this year, and they were 3-4 weeks old at the time. On the 30th of...
  11. E

    Baby Guinea Pig Isn't Using His Back Legs

    We purchased a baby guinea pig today. The owner claimed he was eight weeks, but judging by his size I thought otherwise. Shortly after bringing him home, we noticed he was dragging his back legs. I Googled it, but there didn't seem to be many cases with young guinea pigs. I made an appointment...