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  1. FurryBabyMama

    Guinea pig related YouTube Channel suggestions?

    Does anyone know of any good YouTube Channels that post Guinea Pig videos? Care videos, haul videos, general Guinea Pig vlogs. I can only really find kids posting them, most of them look about 12. Or there's Channels run by parents posting videos of their 6 year olds getting lone guinea pigs...
  2. TheCavyFamily

    Youtube Channel

    While I was watching animal-related videos I was inspired to create an animal channel myself. The channel will be featuring my guinea pigs and gecko. Any video ideas?
  3. Alliepig

    Youtube! Poll!

    How's it going guys so I have a YouTube channel. I was just wondering if any of you guys we interested in seeing my babble about my piggies and my other lovely pets. On my channel I will make vlogs, hauls, reviews, history about hamsters and my experinces with them. So if you whold like to see...
  4. Chief Guinea Pig

    My Youtube Channel

    I've had the channel set up for a few weeks now :) here is one of my videos :D - I also have a facebook page. Morning routine