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  1. Kaipo Cavia

    Medication Contraindications

    Hello, I have a pig whom I believe has a dental problem brewing. She's had her teeth checked but was given the all clear. She has another appt booked in for Mon to get a second opinion. She's showing me signs that her mouth is giving her discomfort. She is on a combination of meds currently...
  2. AdamFrench

    Baytril, Zantac And Emeprid

    Hi all! Tao is on baytril for a thickened uterus wall (believed to be due to infection). She lost weight and appetite when on it so has been prescribed Zantac syrup and Emeprid. I'm just curious as to the best way to dose this all together. She's supposed to be on 0.2ml of Baytril twice a day...