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13 Month boar and 2 babies can they live together

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Jan 24, 2006
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I adopted a 13 month old boar today was wondering is he would be be able to go with the 2 baby boy's that are being separated from mum on Monday I just want to know what you are think about having 1 older and 2 babies in the same cage. Just an idea
I think boars get on better when they are in twos, however I could be wrong. A lot of people get on fine with boars with a cagemate but I have had trouble with a lot of my boys where they are not separated. I think three together may cause problems.

If anybody else has had 3 boars together they might be able to give you a better answer than I have!
I have had loads of experience with Boars so let me give you some advice.

What your planning on doing is not a good idea. Having one baby boar with the adopted 13 month old boar is fine and probably would work out however having two babys with the male would not be a good idea. The babies would fight as they got older with each other and the older male would also join in and you could end up with seriously ill and injured piggies.

Trio's with boars usually do not work however some do if your lucky but you must have loads of experience and honestly, I don't think you should try it unless you want to hurt your piggies! Thats a way of putting it.

This page has lots of lovely information about pairing up boars (NOT IN TRIOS!) http://www.susieandpigs.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/optionsmenu.htm

Good luck!

Livie xx
Trios for boars are never good really. Someone always seems to get left out. I have also seen terrible injuries on boars that have been in threes as arguments get out of control so easily.

Personally I would put one of the babies with Joe then go back up to Thistle and get another of the beautiful boys and pair him up with the remaining baby! Any excuse for more pigs! ;)

I am adopting a pig from Thistle too - she is travelling down here to Birmingham by courier and is costing me a small fortune but I am so excited to have her! I've been waiting for ages for her to be ready but she should be with me in the next few weeks!
Thanks for all your advice I will get Joe a friend one day after he has settled in but I think i will keep brothers together thanks for all your help
so you got 2 baby boys now? awww. so is there only 1 girl now then?
Yep pretty much little Winnipeg. Glad i went or i would of ended up with alot of babies. boys are starting to hump now they are out on Monday
Boars are always such tricky little devils! Some are so soft natured and sweet and will live with anyone.... others just don't want to know, lol. I have two trios of boars living quite happily together in perfect harmony, and three lots of boars in pairs who are happy :D I think its a case of luck with all of them, and I'm always sure to leave room incase there is trouble in camp and I have to separate ::) Luckily that has happened yet, and fingers and paws crossed it never will! Good luck with your new boar :)
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