3000 Posts By End Of Day!

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Jan 23, 2006
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I know that this is probably going to be impossible to do but its worth a try.

My boyfriend was looking at the number of posts we make a day and said that tomorrow we should have 3000. I told him that we could easily get to 3000 posts today and he doesn't think we can. The past couple of nights we have made over 200 posts a day so today we need to make 280+. Do you think we can make it? - I so want to prove him wrong lol!
yeah course we can

i'll probably be here most of today so if you keep talking i'll keep replying heheh
lol I have college at 1 - 3.30. Grrrr I can't be bothered lol. After that I will be back on here and posting loads. I can't believe how many posts have been made already. It has only been open just over 2 weeks. Would love to see more members. Don't think we have had a day where no new members have joined!
hehe thats good

this forum is good because you have got so many boards open and stuff and it doesnt take like 82394729349823749283 million hours to load up!

I have found pimms takes ages to load. Suppose it could be because it has a lot of posts and members but still it would be good if they could have sorted it out to make it load faster.

I so hope this forum becomes as popular as pimms however I would like it to carry on running fast lol
the forum is just slow because of the sheer volume of it all.. i mean you can moderate is so that you only have a certain amount of threads like going back and then just have the search function for any others.. i think..

that would keep it going better..
like the idea of making the posts up to 3000!
Prove him wrong! ;D

I'm in all day so can post a lot!

men always like to think they are going to be right dont they! hehe

well on this occassion they wont be

if we keep playing the games then that will make up some more posts and stuff! hehe
2800 posts :D Just 200 more to go :D Got to have a shower now as I have college at 1 and it takes me ages to have a shower dry my hair e.t.c
:D we can do it :D

hehe just think its only us few talking at the moment lol
LOl topic of conversation slowly wilting away hehe

lets talk about...

Nooo my boyfriend just got back from work. I want to have 3000 but when he said we couldnt make it he said by end of day! Hahahaha
Chocolate ;D I love chocolate and I've just finished eating a Crunchie. It was delicious *GRIN* ;D Whats everyone elses favorite chocolate?
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