a boar for my diva - but what age?

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Aug 9, 2006
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North Yorkshire
My girlies Milka and Mabel def. need a new man in the house, you can tell they are not the same, their behaviour is just odd.

Anyway, now I am just wondering what sort of age to look for...

i was thinking a boar that was a bit older than them, so maybe 2 years approx.? So he wouldnt just back off if my diva Milka gets a bit naughty, but would stand his ground, being a fully grown boar.

But then I remembered how my first boar behaved when he was little - he was so randy and just wouldnt accept a no for a no! :D
And I was wondering if him hitting puberty, he would try to be boss in the cage even more than a grown up one who might be more chilled out... and then I think, a very young boar on the other hand might be easily intimidated?

Oh I have no clue!

Or is this all not relevant anyway, and it just depends on the character of the piggy? Bold or shy?

I always thought that age played a facter aswell.. Help!


The boar I got for Sylvie is 18 months old & is a gentleman - I think any younger would have been different for the reasons you mentioned.
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