A day in the life of me.....

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8:00 am: I get up and change Lassie into one of her new diapers (hopefully they will prevent all the "accidents" I've been dealing with everyday 2 or 3 times a day thanks to her inablity to walk).

8:30 am: my 3 year old niece arrives for me to babysit so her mom can go to her new job.

8:32 am: the fighting between my niece and my 7 year old nephew begins (the fighting will continue all day and is in fact STILL going on)

9:30 am: my nephew asks to go to his friends and I let him

9:35 am: I come out of the bathroom as my nephew returns, with my neice who had snuck out the door and headed down the street while I was trying to pee

11:00 am: I start the first tape of a 10 hour movie to hopefully end the fighting for a while

11:30 am: I fix soup for lunch and feed the monsters

11:40 am: my nephew is done and goes back to the movie

12:00 pm: my friend arrives for a visit

12:30 pm: my neice FINALLY finishes her lunch

12:31 pm: I am scrubbing my neice who is wearing as much soup as she ate

12:40 pm: I put her down for a nap

1:00 pm: I take my friend to show her Aeson and Jareth

1:02 pm: I notice blood on the toilet paper roll in their cage and Aeson is nowhere

1:03 pm: I have pulled out the cage and am frantically searching the bedding for Aeson while Jareth continues to run in his wheel

1:04 pm: I find Aeson sleeping soundly in his self made bedding tunnel; he is fine

1:05 pm Jareth starts running in his wheel the other direction; he has a huge bloody hole in his hip (it's about the size of the head of one of those little hat like top push pins and on a hammy the size of a quarter it's huge)

1:06 pm: Jareth sits in a tiny carrier while I scrub out an ancient aquarium

1:15 pm: I put Jareth in the aquarium and hunt for a cover for the aquarium

1:40 pm: I finally decide to use an old rat cage to sit on top of it for now

1:45 pm: my neice wakes up and the fighting begins again

3:00 pm: I banish my nephew to his room and he throws a fit until my mother gets home

4:00 pm: mum returns home

4:45 pm: we go to walmart to get a cage

5:30 pm: we return home after getting the cage and dropping off my friend; I open the box and start building my new cage only to discover 2 bars are broken off the door making 2 holes plenty big enough for a quarter sized hammy to escape

6:00 pm: after putting Jareth in his cage and his cage into a large box in case he escapes, I start gettingready for church

6:29 pm: I sit typing this instead of getting ready so now I will most likely be late for church

What a fun day I've had! *growls and goes off to finish getting ready*


sounds like you had a rough day Understand the kids fighting too. :) Good luck with the whole cage thing though.


Thanks. Right now he's in a large box until I can get a decent cage. Hopefully I'll be able to get out of town to get one this weekend. And oops! I just realized this should have been under chit chat. Sorry. I was aggravated and upset at the time and accidentally opened the wrong spot without meaning to....
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