A poem for Oscar

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The nights are long I cannot sleep
I close my eyes and start to weep
The memories of you they linger on
I can't believe that now you've gone.

The dawn comes up and I awake
My eyes are red, my hands they shake
As I reach down to pat your head
It's then I realise that you are dead.

You were my sun, my life, my joy
God be with you my boy.
The heaven I know awaits with care
when I'm dead I'll join you there.

We'll walk again, you by my side
My heart will swell and burst with Pride
A team again just you and I
Please forgive me while I cry.

So sleep in peace my dear best friend
It's just a pause but not the end
A last Big hug and tears I shed.
The day has Come I knew I'd dread. :'(

Thats such a lovely poem Michele. I really am sorry to hear about him! :(
Such a beautiful tribute to Oscar. ((((((((((((((((( HUGE HUGS TO YOU )))))))))))))))))
think of all the lovely times you had together and the photos you will now cherish, will be thinking of you and hoping you will ok
Such a lovely poem Michele and i am so sorry to hear about oscar

Lots of hugs

Its been a whole week and it feels like its months.
This week as gone so slow.
I will get you back soon.
Sleep Peaceful my boy.
Love you always.
Until we meet again

He's up at Rainbow Bridge thinking the same.. He knows you will be together again and will be waiting for you.


Kelly xx
Oscar, It was 2 months yesterday that we were parted. I'm lost with out you. I still miss you so so much. I still find it hard to look at your pictures. One day it will be easier I'm sure.

Barney Mcgrew its been a year but it seem only like yesterday. I miss me kisses you would give me. Love you both

You both will always be in my heart and always in my Memories.

Its been a year now and it desont get any easier.

Miss u Oscar with all my heart and wish I could see you.

Never forgotten!

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