Address Labels

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Hi everyone
I am going to start making address labels for forum members. If anyone is interested I need your postal address and email, any guinea pig photos but my printer is low on ink at present.

I also make Christmas parcel labels and birthday greetings labels. To be able to print your own after you have been sent them by e-mail you need special label paper available from WH Smith's or Partners Stationers of the following size
63.5 x 38.1 mm. Avery label paper is in a yellow pack. Send photographs and details via PM or my regular e-mail address Labels can also include clip art.

I have a qualification in Desktop Publishing of an Open College Network (OCN) certificate plus qualifications in word processing and text processing and an introduction OCN in Microsoft PowerPoint. Each A4 sheet has 21 labels and easily peels off to stick on envelopes if you are sending a birthday card to someone.



thats a great idea, my last lot that I ordered I got from New Zealand

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