Adopting these two beautiful girls...

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Jan 23, 2006
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Kate (starshine) is a foster mummy for guinea pigs. It is lovely what she does for them by looking after them aswell as her own piggies. She has two sows left called Sparkle and Glitter (mother and daughter). Sounds as though Sparkle has not had the best of lives since she was living outdoors in an indoor cage while pregnant. Its a miricle that her and her 3 babies are all alive. Glitter is only three weeks old!

Here is a picture Kate sent me. Picking them up on Wednesday and they will be living with Amber, Rosie, Crater, Whiskers and Crater Heads female babies (when they are born!) in a massive C&C Cage. The study room is now officially the guinea pig room! :)

aww they are real gorge! congrats on you getting them!

vi xx
Great news Ellie

Have seen others from Kates foster collection on another forum all are so cute - esp love those ears!

Look foward to seeing plenty more pics :)

I can't wait to get them. I think when they all live together in the C&C Cage they will have so much fun. Amber loves the other two and has so much fun when she has a run around with them. I think that will be Rosie in her place so there will be no more bullying...! :)

Until the cage has been made, they will be living with Amber and Rosie as I want Crater to have her babies first with only Whiskers in the cage with her.
They are gorgeous ellie, congratulations

and well done you kate


Yay, picking the two girls up tonight. Can't wait. I hope they don't hate living here after they have been living with Kate as I am sure they have a fantastic time with their foster mummy. I also hope that Sparkle and Glitter like their new cage mates too!
what a lovely thing you're doing.

Am sure they'll get along beauifully :)

Kelly and piggies xx
hi ellie, have you picked your new piggies up yet? let us know how it went?
Are they home yet? I'm sure they are and we need tons of pigtures please ;D
lol Sorry I didn't reply last night. Was meant to pick the piggies up for 7.30 but there was traffic on motorway and I got lost so it was about 8.15 by the time we got to Kates. The guinea pigs are gorgeous! - They will be keeping their names... mummy - Sparkle - 4 week old baby - Glitter.

We tried putting them in with Crater and Whiskers as they are another mother and daughter but no... Sparkle hated them so we put them in with Amber and Rosie as we don't want any guinea pig hurting Crater while she is pregnant. Amber didn't get on with Glitter so for the night they went in the C&C cage together on a duvet and we put loads of hay in. This morning I tried moving them all around different cages but they were just fighing however I decided that the only thing I could do was leave Amber and Rosie to fight it out with them. They did a little and finally all went for a little rest and when they woke up they have been much better with each other. They still have the occassional mini fight but nothing as bad as it was. Glitter is the youngest by far - only weighs 280g and stands up to all the other piggies. :)

I will take some pictures tomorrow - Don't want to unsettle them as they are all together peacefully at the moment.

It was lovely meeting Kate after I have spoke to her online for quite a while and all of her guinea pigs are gorgeous. I have never seen guinea pigs so tame - it shows what a great job she does looking after them! :D
I'm so glad they have settled down now - I knew they would!

My boys were in full show off mode last night when Ellie and Luke came over. Tommy was even licking Ellie - he is such a tart!

I hope you and Sparkle and Glitter have loads of fun together!

Now if anyone wants Glitters brothers or cousins I still have them here ready to go!

Ellie thats great news! Congratulations and well done to you and Kate :) Kate, do you have any young boars left? I am looking for one young boar to pair up with my adult boar, I have been looking for ages however I may get a himi but if I could get one of your boars then I wouldn't get the himi. I just need a baby boar to pair up with Scoobers as soon as I can since I hate seeing him all alone :'( (I have 5 piggies total)


I have one pair of 3 week old boys and one pair of 6 week old boys. I do not have any singles at the moment but I will let you know if I do as I have a lot of piggies coming through here these days!

Have you looked on guinea pig rehome - there are a lot of young pigs in rescue at the moment. I know Cheryl at Sprowston GP rescue has LOADS of babies in now and more preggie pigs too.

YAY! Congratulations on your new babies, they are so adorable. How are they settling in? Please give them a hug and a head scritch from me ;D
They seem so much better now that they have had to fight it out and I think they have sorted out whos boss e.t.c. (Have no idea who it is!)

I will give them a hug and a head scratch now lol :)

cool congratulations. how they doing today? are they at your mums or boyfriends house?
At my boyfriends house living with Amber and Rosie. They seem to be getting on which is good as I was so worried that they wouldn't. As soon as the correx comes we will move them into the C&C cage. I thought that I would move in Crater and Whiskers too even if she hasn't had her babies however I think I might just wait till she has them. I don't want any of the piggies upsetting Crater. Yesterday the worse two were Glitter and Amber - they kept fighting but I think today they are best pals lol
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