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Aggression in female pigs

Discussion in 'Behaviour and Bonding' started by Hay-a-holics, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. I had a call about a pair of female guinea pigs, kept together in large housing with loads of floor time, one 'normal' piggy and one that has always had a bit of a temper and picked on the other guinea pig but nothing to serious until recently. I take it from the call that the grumpy guinea pig is the dominant one. She had a few days before given the other guinea pig a nip and then suddenly a few days later attacked her fairly badly, aparently the pig has cuts and swelling, advised to take to vet in case there's an infection.
    Anyhow, the callers vet suggested it could be because she may be coming into season, has anyone any other ideas. The grumpy guinea pig obviously was giving warning signs before she went for the full on attack, I've never heard of such aggression with females before and was wondering if anyone has similar stories?
    Our own girls have never fought, the odd grumble or push out of the way to get at food so I don't really have the experience of fighting females.
    The owner is keeping the pigs and sounds like aside from the pig attacking the other one they are very well looked after and spoilt. They aren't housed together anymore obviously and have suggested C&C cages so they can still see each other.
    So, anyone have experience with fighting females?
  2. alexr

    alexr Junior Guinea Pig

    Jan 25, 2006
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    Hi - for some reason my Betty and Beryl don't get along. They are in different groups but both Boris and Babs from Betty's group seem to get along with Beryl fine. It's not so bad if they have loads of floor space but if they are sitting with me on the couch, Betty and Beryl tend to try to fight. I think this is because Betty is used to being the bottom of the foodchain in her group so she is determined she won't be bossed around by a piggie from another group. It is a real shame if this has happened to two girls who have been sharing the same cage though.

    Just picking up on what you said about one of the pigs coming into season. I remember once that Betty came into season and Boris and Babs both kept taking it turns to try and mount her! This seemed to go on for hours! I'm pretty sure it was a dominance thing with Babs - she was taking the opportunity to show Betty who was boss!

    I really hope things go well for you and the piggies. You are doing the right thing separating them if it came to blows.

    Alex :)
  3. My Taz is agressive, I can't keep her with Lucy because they fight :(

    I hope things go well for you!
  4. My 2 girls use to get abit grumpy when they were in season. 1 of them use to making the grunting noises boars do and mount the other. This has stopped as both had ovarian cysts and had to have hysterectomies (6months apart). They never had fights though, only got PMT now and then.

    How old are the piggies? Has the vet checked to see that she doesnt have ovarian cysts. its quite common especially if they have been born to a mother who has been breed alot. Thats what happen to mine.

  5. our piggies seem to fight a bit but we put that down to not enough space in their house so we bought a new one today so we'll see what happens.

    i think its just like any female.
  6. The guinea pigs aren't mine I had a phone call from a concerend guinea pig owner.
    I just thought it very unusual for 2 girls to fight but looks like it's more commen than I thought.
    I was told they both have been vet checked and are both in very good health, just hte grumpy one is an all round grump.
    Luckily the owner is planning on holding on to them, some owners would want rid if they can't house two pigs together which is a shame.
  7. we bought a new house for the girlies and they seem much better they will even sit together on a lap which is amazing! usually they are fighting for the lurve. hehe

    daphne occassionally nips me but i begin to think that its affectionate nipping and that she hasnt quite got the kissing thing down to a T yet
  8. michellemuffin

    michellemuffin New Member

    Jan 23, 2006
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    my piggys must be unique I have 19 girls in one hugh long and wide c and c run half a shed floor to be exact full of igloos fiddle stix and tubes and never ever have i seen any aggression in my girls, they get along with each other perfectly only problems ever has been a barbaring pig but she got fed up with that, they live in total harmony and I can introduce another female if needed and she will be sniffed for a while but accepted totally by all of them, just wish boys were like that,
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