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Amazing oppertunity

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as you all no I'm at college and today my vocation lecturer offered our class something amazing a group of 12 children aged 9-14 are coming to our college on July 7th to do some activities now these children as special because they are victims of the chenova radiation and they are very ill and living in terrible conditions in there home country now only our tutor group has been offered this we take the children around the college and our music students are puttin a concert on just for them and there takin a art activitie and there making videos these children have never watched a video before o i cant wait I'm so excited to raise money for gifts for them we are doin a car wash, and dressing up as nurses and walking around college with buckets we are all doing shoe boxes for them with tooth brushes etc in oh i cant wait there going to be so excited yay! x
Thats lovely! I'm sure they will be very pleased with everything you do for them :)
I know i cant wait anyone got a time machine!? I'm gonna decorate that shoebox so much with holigrapic paper nad ribbons oh i love wrapping hehe oh i cant wait then i got a placement the two weeks after yay, hopefully going to a school teachings a strong contender! oh i so cant wait hehe x
thanks kelly and thanks for the mobile tip I'm watching taggert as i post x
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