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Any Advice On How To Get My Rabbit To Take A Syringe Better?


Teenage Guinea Pig
May 7, 2017
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East Midlands
Hi guys, I'm in a bit of a pickle because my rabbit who has a month long course of medicine has got really bad at taking her syringe medicine,

The thing that's really annoying about this is she used to be so good she would happily lick it off the syringe at the beginning and I think what's happened is that she was given baytril for a possible ear infection which we know tasted awful and since then she's really fought all medicine even her metacam which she took so happily before,

Now when we try to give her the meds she collapses on the ground and refuses to take it,
this really worries me because I'm scared she's going to choke on the meds when she collapsed on her side like that with meds in her mouth,

Is that a genuine concern or am I being weird?

We've tried to hold her upright but she can't seem to stand up or sit up very well out of her cage and she flails around so much I'm scared she'll hurt herself

I feel like I'm torturing her all the time, but she needs these meds to get better,

I'm also quite angry at the vets because she was brought in on a Monday with her symptoms, had a blood test that ruled out an ear infection by the Thursday,
Then they thought it was Likely e culinini so did more blood tests to confirm, but for a week she didn't have anything to treat the suspected e cuniculi just baytril Incase it was an ear infection, even though they'd just ruled that out?

This baytril I didn't realise was for an ear infection I thought it was to help the e cuniculi, so for a whole week they weren't doing anything and then by the next Monday she had been sick with e cuniculi for two whole weeks and still hadn't had anything to treat that? Only now is she on lapizole to treat it,

I'm angry because they gave us baytril which put her off the meds completely, which was unnessasary and didn't give anything for the suspected e cuniculi in that time even though I've read that giving them pacaur or lapizole wouldn't hurt them if it turns out not to be e cuniculi so I don't understand why they didn't do that?
I'm angry she was left untreated basically for two whole weeks!
Do you think that's justified? Or am I just bias because of her suffering?