Any Advice? Rabbit With Damage From E Conicoli?


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May 7, 2017
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Hi guys!

Maybe some of you remember a few months ago our rabbit Floppsy had a bad battle with E Conicoli.
She's survived it but its done some damage,
I'd say she isn't the same rabbit anymore, before her illness she was strong willed and active but she has lost that spark a lot. She has pretty bad head tilt its almost 90 degrees all the time and she doesn't attempt to jump at all, I can't even get her to use a litter tray because she can't jump into it and before they were litter trained.

Now I've got a slight dilemma,
Floppsy had two hutch mates, Thumper and Flick, who live in their hutch, but I can't put Flops back in their hutch because they use a ramp to get own into the run, the hutch was specially made to be more natural so its an almost vertical drop if she fell off.
So we thought maybe she should have a ground hutch next to them that she can live in with a run that's on the same level. I don't know if she would be okay with the weather what with her still being sick, it might be a case of staying in in the winter and out only in the warmer months but then the real thing in wondering about is that she's alone at the moment.
I'd initially wanted her to go back with her pals if they accept her but it would be unfair to stick her in their hutch and also to redo the hutch to her needs would be very expensive and unhelpful anyway.
I don't have space for all three to live inside in the winter anyway that's why we set up their hutch the way it is so they can be outside all year round.

So do I try to find her a new friend?
Keep her alone?
Let her spend time with her old mates for a few hours a day?
Would that stress them all out? Like such situations would for Piggies?
I guess in the summer they would live side by side in their hutches but would that cause fights when they do meet for a few hours each day?

Or as a still sick/ physically disabled Rabbit should she live alone for her safety?
Is it best to get her a new friend?
How would that friend find being with a handicapped Rabbit inside and what type of space would that need?
At the moment she's got a big area but not as big as if she was healthy because she can't really rub around like a healthy rabbit would?
Sometimes i feel so bad for her sitting all alone but I don't know if its better for her this way?

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Jan 29, 2009
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Hi. I have had bunnies with E.cuniculi before and the rescue often takes them in. We currently have a female head tilt bunny at the rescue.
As you say they need a level area to live in that's got no hazards but apart from that their needs are the same as other bunnies. Often they can run around but sometimes do somersaults! A friend is ideal but it would need to be a gentle bunny either older or disabled themselves. You may find her former friends won't accept her now you would have to rebond them on neutral territory.
So the options are

Rebond Flopsy with her friends and move them all into a disabled accommodation an insulated shed with heating for winter would be ideal. Alternatively a Wendy house?

Find a new friend for her. Approach a rescue to find a suitable companion.

Have Flopsy live as a house bunny.

It's a tricky situation. If you want to talk to someone with more experience of EC bunnies l can give you contact details or message us on the BARC rabbit and guinea pig adoption and news Facebook page and Angie our rabbit expert will reply