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any ideas, (Zubin)

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Harry got Zubin again, this time they where on my lap, and harry got to him it happened so fast and i thought nothing had happened then abby noticed zubin had cut his nose, i have bathed it in salt water but i need to no of anything at all for pain relief, etc any suggestions would be a massive help. and so every one can rest easy they will never be out at the same time again! they are in their runs at the mo and Zubin seems ok i will keep checking him though, would one of the stypic pencil things help if it ever happened again which hopefully it wont? HELP!
Oh gosh how terrible! I bet it shocked you!

The styptic pencils, as Michele says will only stop the bleeding. Regarding pain relief - I know that it may hurt for a while but is Zubin actually showing an signs of discomfort? You don't want to give him any pain relief if he's not actually in any pain.

xx Kelly xx
I practically had a heart attack, they were fine no chatering or anything then BANG, it took me by suprize! he seems fine this morning and his nos has scabed over so i think hes ok, when it first happened he seemed to be in some pain but hes fine now. bit like if one of them bit us we would hurt for a while but by the next day it would be ok.
Yeah its a capillary bleed i think (i use my human physiology classes more on the piggies than us lol!) hes absoloutly fine but now i will not let them be together, they can talk to each other across the cages but that really is IT! i cant have any more blood shed its not fair on them. i had a dream last night that they where both neutered then i got to girlies called Angelica(for harry) and Jess (for Zubin) maybe its a sign! oh how i wish it didnt involove surgery for them to be happy!
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