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Anyone know of a nuetered boar looking for a home?

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Feb 17, 2006
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Yorkshire Uk
At the weekend my sister sadly lost one of her guinea pigs, leaving her lovely sow Rose (aged 3) a single piggy since her cage mate Pru (aged 5) passed away. We are both very sad but Sara (my sister) does not want to see Rose spend the rest of her life lonely, but at the same time she doesn't want to get another girlie and start the cycle again. So we are looking for a nuetered boar to meet up with, and if they are compatable 'Marry' Rose and be her cagemate. So if anyone knows of a nuetered boar looking for a wife in the Yorkshire area please get in touch (post here or pm me or e-mail me [email protected])

Here is a picture of Rose who is looking for her Prince Charming!
With a beautiful face like that it shouldn't take long. ;D Good luck ;D
omg, she is so beautiful! that face just make me melt! good luck with the search! :)

xx jo
She is gorgeous. I'm sure she will find her prince charming soon.
I have looked for neutered sows once and found a bunch of sites for neutered boars some in the yorkshire area google it and I'm sure you will have them coming out of your ears lol good luck shes gorgeours
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