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Anyone remember?

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Does anyone remember the name of a cartoon that was on in the 90's that had a bunch of animals who wandered across the country looking for a safe place to live... all I remember was there was a fox called fox and a female fox called vixen... but there was loads of animals and the programme was amazing

anyone know it or am I dreaming it up?
omg yeah thats it, wasnt it amazing? really wish they would put it on dvd or something, I'm not ashamed to admit it made me cry nearly every week, especially when the hedgehogs tried to cross the road... boo hoo it was always going to end badly
LOL, I dont think I ever knew a bloke that liked that programme! I even had all the magazines :)
no way you mean the magazines where you got the plastic animals which magically stuck on to a woodland background?
LMAO, yeah! I think I have them in my parents attic in a huge box, there was hundreds of them!
me too, obviously mine arnt in your parents attic tho... ;) there must be hardcore animals of farthing wood collectors out there... eBays the place! my animals lost there magic stickability after a while tho.

Iv wondered for years if anyone else had watched this program, I miss so many of my childhood programs... they dont make them like rainbow and button moon anymore... possibly for legal reasons there not allowed to let gay pink hippos on tv
LOL yeah gay pink hippos!
I thought I was a freak fro liking the animals of farthing wood! well thats what my brothers called me LOL
its quality programming it taught me about animals, it was a bit bloody tho, reminded me of watership down/ bambi in some respects... did they all die in the end? the hedgehogs did, the snake did, I'm sure rabbits did as well...
aww watership down always makes me cry! and bambi when he loses his mum, nring out the tissues :D
lol briiiiiiigggggghhhhhhtttttt eyyyyyyeeeeeesssss... it is v sad and violent... always had a slight fear of rabbits since that, and then the whole my mum telling me my rabbits were killed by a fox when they wernt just topped it all off...

bambi was great, lion king was just as sad though... disney loves killing animals off especially characters mums and dads
I remember Animals of Farthing wood too; had a couple of the books too!
Clare x
aww Lukey you must be very sensitive, my brothers laughed when the animals died!

woo another animals of farthing wood buddy!
lol I am sensitive most films make me cry... I'm not ashamed though its good to cry unless you get a runny nose and boogers down your face at the same time... then id be v ashamed...

finding nemo is a big tear jerker for me... we should make a farthing wood support group... i think il google it someones probably already done it
aww a sensitive bloke, so rare!

yeah a support club LOL, I cant even remember any of the characters though!
Animals of Farthing wood was amazing i was obsessed with it maybe we should put together a petition for BBC to bring it out of DVD there would be alot of people wanting it that i know
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