Are babies more fussy ?

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Hi Ive noticed my girls are hardly touching their nuggets (pets at home) there was one night when the dish was empty in thw morning but thats it.

Ive only had them 4 days so maybe they just need to settle a bit. They are munching hay all day and willtake some fresh but are incredibly fussy. So I just wondered if it could be cause they're young (about 9 weeks the pet shop said)

I'm wondering if I should get them some muesli instead of nuggets ?
Any suggestions to increase their appetites ? :-\


No, persevere with the nuggets. Pelleted food is much better as it prevents selective feeding and tends to have less colouring in.

At 9 weeks old, their stomachs are really small, so they probably need to eat a lot less than you imagine. As long as they are happy and healthy I wouldn't worry too much. They will eat a little more as they get older, but the hay and veggies tend to be the favourites with guineas anyway, they will be eating a few pellets, which is fine ;)


Stick to the nuggets they are far better for them than giving them the option of selective feeding particuarly in the longer term. Yound piggies often eat far more hay than dry food. Many young piggies eat less of a variety of fresh veg than older ones ... bit like kids ... like kids ... they become more adventurous as they grow older.

No need to increase their appetites, they will only eat what they require and need.
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