Argos Grids ;)

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Aug 9, 2006
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North Yorkshire
We went and bought some Argos Grids today, to use as a run for my piggies.

But then we unpacked them, and all of a sudden got loads of ideas what else I could use them for... I might have to go and get another pack, lol! :)

We have a relatively small kitchen, and so we have to use every bit of the worktop we can. We used to have some glasses with pasta and our bred in that corner near the sink - but we had to move the bread eventually because dampness always got to it, with us splashing water around when washing up. Now with the grids the bread is one floor up and well out of reach from the evil waterdrops ;) Lots of storage space and it looks neater too - now all we have to do is to tidy the rest of the kitchen up (blah, I dont like washing up) and then the whole thing will look real good :)

I put some hooks on the side of it to hang up oven gloves etc...

Are you lot using the grids for anything else but CC and runs?
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