Athena wants a takeaway!

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Adult Guinea Pig
Jun 7, 2009
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Chester le Street
Well today we had to go to Birmingham for Steven's treatment so by the time we got back neither of us could be bothered to cook so ordered a naughty takeaway. We sat on the sofa to eat it for a change and Athena was pottering around in the kitchen/living room whilst we were eating. Once we were finished we put the plate on the floor and it had a couple of chips left on it. Athena, obviously disgruntled that we were waaaay behind schedule with their feeds came pottering over to the plates and had a good sniff but I shooed her off. The second time she came over she went a different route to try to avoid detection but I spotted her ( this time she had climbed onto the pizza box ) and again shooed her off so off she trotted back to the cage. The third time she ran over, stood on the plate and tried to pinch a chip! I just managed to stop her in time before she ran off with it. Sly little so and so!

Suffice to say the plates are now cleared away and the piggies have been fed!
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