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back to the dr's

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I'm going back to the dr's again today, antibiotics havnt worked yet again, i hope they can find out why they are not working and make me better cause i've had enough, it seems everytime i finish my antibiotics i get worse. dont know what to do I'm just fed up of feeling this way
aww, you poor thing.. seeing the same dr again? Maybe some stronger antibiotics are needed?

Hope you get sorted out :)

Kelly xx
yeah same dr, i already had 2 lots of antibiotics so if they do put me on some more hopefully they will work cause I'm so tired and the antibiotics are taking everything out of me, trying to replace the vitamins but I'm not eating that well cause i dont feel like it
oh dear, that's not good.. Hopefully he/she will do something, cos it can't be right for you to keep feeling this way
I'm hardly ever ill and if i am i get over really quickly but i've had this for 3 weeks now and they say its tonsilitus, its not getting better and each time a feel worse something else starts hurting. i also have tthyroid problems in my family, my granny my nanna my auntie and my mum all have has thyroid probs so I'm thinking maybe its that, i really dont know. dont want it to be thyroid problems cause i may have to go in hospital and i dont want to. i remember when i was little my mum went in hospital and had a op on her thyroid cause it had a sist on it
been to the dr's and had a blood test to see if it is glandular fever, which it probably is, that takes ages to get over, i havnt got time to be sitting about waiting to get better, i have so much to do, i really dont know what i am going to do i have business to run a course i have to do i have kids to look after a house to clean not forgetting my piggies and rabbit, luckily they got cleaned out at the weekend
Oh goodness I hope its not glandular fever! That's really not a nice thing to have apparently. I really hope they can get to the bottom of it and you get better very soon
I've had glandular fever. There are some things you can do to help you through the worst of it more quickly. Give me a shout if you want any more info.
Ive had glandular fever too and its really horrible. Hope that your tests come back all ok

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