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bad back, but must clean out piggys

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Jan 23, 2006
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ooooh I've pulled a muscle in my back (again) and my babys need cleaning, so am going to dose up and spray the ralgex and grit my teeth, so if i dont post for a while you know I'm flat on my back lol
Aah Michelle that's horrible. Is there no-one there that can help you? I really sympathise. Good luck and take it easy
backs are awful things to pull :(

hope it eases up soon Michelle x x
backs are nasty things sometimes, Ibruprofen gel is really really good and it doesnt burn everything... I'm always worried what I touch after I have used ralgex, imagine getting that in your eyes... Has anyone every trapped a nerve in there back? I woke up once and literally couldnt move, I'm not ashamed to admit I cried lol it was really that bad...

Hope you get better soon
I've had sciatica once, and was bed ridden for a week! I was at a residential college at the time and did an exam laying on my back! I passed! ;D
I'm always getting the odd back pain as I am in one position majority of the time.
managed it and all my babies are spring clean, but it took me hours I just stopped after each run and took a breather, I have spondelothesis so my back is quite weak anyway but my piggys come first, even before me, lol
I use ralgex for a quick boost but have had it in my eyes and does it sting, hubbys used it once nad ended up sitting in the freezer, his skin was too sensative to it and it burnt him bad, luckly mum had a hugh chest freezer,
still hurts today but have also developed a bad head ache which is unusual for me, maybe the change of weather, got up at 2am for tablet for back and head, poor me, funny when you feel rough you get sentimental, I got all choked up about Bear dying again, and that was in march,
Yes definately, when you feel down physically, you aren't as strong mentally I don't think
Same here. I feel rotten with a cold and sore throat! Mike says I always get soppy when I'm ill! LOL
feeling better today, cant believe how upset i got about Bear again, just saying his name chokes me up still,
I'm going to name a new piggy Bear when I get one, either through Lupin if she finally gets pregnant or when I find another rex, did you see i managed to put Bears pic on the avator (think thats what its called) I'm getting better with posting pics now,
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