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Bald patches

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Feb 22, 2010
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One of my pigs has recently developed 2 bald patches on her back. They dont look sore at all and are circular and about 1cm diameter. Her skin was slightly dry on one of them so i treated with some moisturising cream from P@H. Gypsy is nearly 2 years, an abbysinian and seems completely healthy otherwise. The patches aren't like the ones because seen with hormonal problems, she isn't scratching and doesn't look like ringworm to me ( my neice had it once and it had a dark ring around the edge. I have treated her with some ivomec that i have from the CCT incase its mites. I just wondered if anyone knows of anything else it could be. I will obviously take her to the vets if it doesn't clear up or she seems ill at all. Thanks in advance for any replies :) Ps I will take a pic when I go in shortly to feed my pigs :)
Not open for further replies.