Bath time changed my quiet boar into a little hooligan! (videos!)

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Jun 23, 2010
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Aggh! Who says baths are bonding?


I gave both the boys, Harvey and Artie, a bath yesterday with Johnsons Small Pet Shampoo they had a bath last year and were fine after it....but yesterday I went from two boars who slept curled up together to one boar whose a little trouble marker!

Artie who has went from gentle shy little man to a boy who is rowdy, friendly with his slave (!) and has not stopped humping, teeth chattering and chasing Harvey round all day ever since they had their bath together.

Now Harvey has always been the top pig, and Artie has been happy as his side kick, but oh no the tables have changed. Harveys not phased with Arties new personality changed but has teeth chattered back when Arties been chasing him round the shed for the sixth lap going. rolleyes

Oh and suddenly he's found out that he can wheek too! This is the boys stopping for a pit stop, happily chattering away together...

But the most oddest, bizarre thing is Artie has litterally went from a piggie who hates been cuddled stroked and not liking any form of human contact to a guinea who jumps into a box for a stroke and cuddle!

Video Evidence: (Now normally Artie hates been in a small space with me such as a box and would normally be trying to hurl himself out of the box...bizarre!) Please excuse me whittling away:

Both boars are now....10 months old? Its so bizarre the bath has changed my boy!
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