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Bears update

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Jan 23, 2006
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my little man is doing well ( I hope) he made me wait until 11.20 this morning before i could give him his baytril etc he was eating dry food having a drink back to the food etc, which I am so delighted about I again gave him baby veg last night which he enjoys now, but i have given him more probiotics each day which I am hoping has done the trick, he gets some in a syringe mixed with water after his baytril and I also add some to his water after he has drank his homeopathic,
at the moment he is indoors on my new carpet with plenty of towels down running about a little more last night he was washing his bad leg and tried to wash his ear with the bad leg which i was delighted about. this morning he has been in the big portable run sleeping on a pile of towels and then eating but moving about yipppeee, we are not out of the woods yet but I am so hoping his leg improves and he wont lose it,
the 2 dogs give him such a look of disgust it makes me crease up Max was sleeping next to the run and bear walked up to him and sniffed him ahhhh so cute, luckly my 2 dogs are brillaint with any other animals they have had to get use to them, we've had doves walking about the kitchen floor when my son kept them and the dogs let them eat their dry food, infact one of the doves hopped onto charlies back to get to the food and he did'nt budge lol, my 2 adorable soppy dogs are the best,
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