Benny's story

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Meet Benny

Benny was one of a group of 18 piggies I took a few years ago after their owner didn't want them anymore and wanted rabbits instead.
Everything was fine to start with and then I noticed a hard lump developing under his chin. The lump turned out to be an abcess (clearly seen in the above pic). When it burst I brought him in and cleaned it all out. He lay on his back on my lap and let me clean it etc and never made a sound or struggled once. Then when I was cleaning it one time I noticed something poking out of it. At first I thought it was a bone but then realised there would be no bones in that area. I looked in his mouth and discovered he only had one bottom incisor, which was rather chunky and realised the thing sticking out of his neck was the other one. I took him to the vet who confirmed it was his incisor and he told me he had a problem where the incisor didn't grow as it should do and grew downwards and into his neck. He said he could cut the incisor back but it would eventually grow again causing another abcess and needing cutting again. I decided that I could'nt put him through the stress of repeated abcessess and having the vet go into his neck to cut the tooth back and so made the decision to put him to sleep. He was such a brave little piggy and was happy and could eat his food and carrots just like the other pigs could, but I couldn't let him go through the whole abcess process over and over. The only time he ever made a sound was when he wheeked when the vet gave him the injection :'(


ps, I stopped twice while writing this cos it made me cry
Oh Kat, he was a handsome little chap and by the sound of it very brave, thank you for sharing his story with us. x x
ahhh what a sad story, abcess's are awlful are'nt they, lavender had teeth problems and hers grew up towards her brain, the vet tried but nothing was going to work so after an xray confirmed it she was P T sleep, I feel awlful still as it was the same day as Bear died, but like you I could not see her suffer, rest in peace little Benny enjoy the fun over the bridge.
Sorry for posting this in the wrong forum :-[ I wondered where it had gone then remembered about this forum.

Gigantic hugs for you Kat. I understand how hard it was for you to write this.

You gave him a great life.

Rest In Peace Benny.

xx Kelly xx
I am so sorry about Benny. It was a terrible decision you had to make. Thank you for telling us, I know we are all supporting you right now. He was a beautiful pig. Sleep tight little one xx
so sorry about benny, but know that he is in a better place now. Rest In Peace.
Brave little Benny. He was a lovely looking piggy. I'm sure he's with all his friends now - piggies he has found who also took part in our Forum. Love to all of them x
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