Bloody NHS

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Jan 24, 2006
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West Cornwall
It was announced on the local news that up to 300 jobs are going to be axed at my hospital. We are the worst in debt in the country or something (several billion) and the Govt will not bail out. Also several of the community hospitals in Wiltshire and Somerset will be closed, including a psychiatric unit. It makes me so pissed off when you think of the money the govt wastes on crap. Surely the NHS is about the most important thing to use tax payers' money on?

Ok, rant over now.
Oh no love! Thatt's terrible! We got a bit of the same here, Warwick hospital always in the papers as they are do in debt..

You would've thought so that its the most important!

I was only on a temporary contract until last September - am glad i have been made permanent now (the RUH admin is so crap they had me on a temporary contract for nearly two years!)
That's disgusting! If they were to get rid of all the fat cat managers they don't need, they wouldn't be in so much financial trouble. Education is the same. Every year they make more admin staff and social workers redundant while the cheif exec gets a massive pay rise and they hire yet more managers and consultants. The way this government handles our money is ridiculous >:( >:(
think we are pretty much safe here although they are cutting a few jobs through natural ways ? I think living on an island we need the hospital so maybe in a different situation to all you mainlanders,
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