brilliant new carrier on ebay

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Jan 23, 2006
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I brought one of these the other day they are brilliant, item 7754685799 the 12" one I brought for my piggys, the bigger ones are ideal for cats and dogs (small ones though) might get max in it but would never be able to lift it lol, have a look they are really good,
put in one extra 7 by mistake try it again now i have removed it they are really smart
They look great.

I already have a cat carrier that i use for my boys but they are fab

I've got all sorts of carriers each one getting better and better, but this one is ideal as it zips up and has a fluffy base etc, might take it shopping next week ? might just look in the pet shop?, :-\ ::)
ooo it rather funky and i can fold it down if i had money id get one lol :P
thanks for doing that for me, I've only just learnt how to do photos lol, do you think the hugh one is practical I know for sure i could'nt lift it with one of my border collies in it, but take it from me they are brilliant
looks good but i am just about to send some money off for a different carrier also i dont have an ebay account
That does look good. I have 2 aladinos and a cat carrier. The Aladinos aren't bad but storing the cat carrier is a pain. This type of thing would be perfect. How have you found it?
it is great its compact to carry when empty but sturdy and safe enough when a piggy or two are in it, its my favourite carrier and I have about 6 of them
I'm looking for a new carrier for the guineas the girls have outgrown theirs! that looks good, like the fact it folds flat for storage, or travel on the bus. Are they quite sturdy?

Just seen the dog ones - id never lift one with Jed in lol as hes 25kg :o ;D

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