Bristol vegan festival - good hotel offer

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Jan 23, 2006
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West Midlands

Know several members are thinking of or are going to this and I have booked my hotel today - there is a special offer on so thought I'd share it in case anyone is looking for a hotel.
It's at this hotel:

If you stay the Sat night you can book the Sun with 50% off - only available if you book over the phone not online.
The doubles ensuite are £45 a night single occupancy, or singles non ensuite are £35, they do twins and family rooms and parking is £5 a day. Trip advisor reviews seem great.

It's room only and you get a fridge in your room and access to a full kitchen - so you buy your own food and use the kitchen - for me being vegan and on a diet that is ideal!
With Ibis, which is the hotel right by the festival being £72 a night this is great. It's about a 10-15 min walk away.

If you don't mind driving in or getting the bus (4 miles from town) this place is cool as it's an all veggie/vegan hotel with amazing sounding breakfast:

This one is also offering veggie/vegan food:

I'm going to get to the festival for lunch Sat and go home Monday afternoon - usually go for one night so nice to chill more this year - it's such a fab weekend:)

Hope to see some of you there we must arrange a meet up time/point:)
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