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Can't wait to get them in new home!

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At long last my indoor home is ready for my girls. Have got a 3 tier cage (banisters added on the ramps!) and hubby made a brilliant run this morning. Turned out bigger than I had hoped - it's 8 ft x 3 ft, wooden base and vinyl on top, then will put newspaper & shredded paper & hay in with the hidey places. They should be moving in tomorrow. I'll try and post a picture but didn't have any luck last time I tried.

Only have 3 girls for this big area - am waiting for a rescue pregnant guinea. Am still looking! This is a gorgeous home for them and they'll join my girls (boys will be separated/neutered). Have separate indoor cages ready & waiting. PLEASE if anyone hears of a needy pregnant guinea, let me know - I'm happy to speak over e-mail/phone to answer any questions. I can e-mail photos of winter/summer accommodation. Looking in Wilts/Somerset/Glouc/Dorset/Bristol/S Wales etc area. I know Rescues don't like passing on pregnant animals but I guarantee this is such a good home and I will keep all babies, no breeding & no re-homing. And of course I'll pay an adoption fee. Thanks guys.


This sounds brilliant and I can't wait to see pics...and maybe pinch some ideas :)

It's sad that you can't find a "giuinea in waiting" when you consider all the poor little girls giving birth via backyard breeders, ignorant pet homes etc :(

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