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Castiel <3

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He's fine now. He's gonna stay free range in my room now...hate the thought of him being outside now...i will miss him. He may go outside a few hours in the summer...but come in daytime.
Hows Katie? Would love to see pics again :-) x
ha ha! Spoilt bunny! After all that effort you went to with his hutch as well! Katie is OK thanks, she is moving into her summer accommodation soon, she has a two tier hutch with access to part of the garden fenced off for her her to explore, but I do shut her in at night.
Thanks, i love him so much. Cant imagine not having him in my life. Seems like he has been here forever.

Just cleaned Cas out, he loves his toys, but cardboard tubes are his fave, he loves to chew them. :P
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